I see a few clients with beards. Let me just say, I think a good beard is sexy. What I’d like to know is, when a very bearded man goes down on a lady (bearded or plain) do the vaginal juices seep into his beard? And does one call it “Pussybeard”? As in, “No thanks man, I won’t have a lick of your cone, I got Pussybeard.”

What is the method of juice extraction? Do ya’ll shampoo and condition and detangle? Do you let it sit and stagnate before your next shower or do you try to wash it off right away? I’m wondering because sometimes a mustache is referred to a “soup strainer” and beards, like cleavage, often collect tid-bits. Is it a sort of prize/ spoils of war kind of deal, where you “save the smell” for later? Does the smell even stay around long?

Is there a rating scale? “I’ve got a level 5 Pussybeard today!” As in “I haven’t shampooed my facial hair in a week and have performed oral 5 times and its pungent!” A strong, beefy Pussybeard. Or is it more like a wine or scotch tasting? “Your Pussybeard’s musk is quite peaty.” “Very oaky with hints of cherry.”

If someone with a sexy beard could answer me re: the Pussybeard thing and/or if you have a better name for it, I’d like to know.


Your sexy pal,

Carly xo


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