Can I Axe You a Question?

I have a question to all you part time hobbyists out there: do you know who you are talking to?

Often times I work phones for a Darling Toronto Escort Agency (Paper Princess Escorts) and I am just BLOWN AWAY by the number of callers who do not know who they are calling or which escort they would like to see.

Me: Hello, Paper Princess Escorts, how can I help you?

You: Hi, are you available?

Me: Yes, which girl which would you like to see?

You: I don’t know… the blonde one with big tits.

Me: Sorry we don’t have anyone like that right now.

You: oh. (awkward pause)…

What’s going on here guys? Do y’all just call/ text random numbers – or any girl on now/ backpage?

One time I had a very sweet, young gentleman come for an incall, hand me his money and toss me a pack of smokes. “Thanks,” I said “that’s my brand.” “You asked me to bring them, right?” Absolutely not. No one here has ever asked for that type of favour. Not that I’m complaining. I wish he would come back! (Sweet guy, good lay, brings smokes.) But seriously, who did he *think* he was seeing? Was I a disappointment? Was he blacklisted by some other escort/ agency for booking an appointment and being a no –show? Was he just psychic?

I was and still am baffled. As someone coming from a small business/ customer service background, I can’t imagine doing this! I can’t imagine calling a customer and asking “Who is this and what product were you looking for? I got this number from my customer directory.”

I know that many/ most clients pick an escort and hmmn and haw for days before calling, with a set list of questions/ requests. But who are YOU sir? Who are you calling and why don’t you know who you’re calling. Someone answer please.

I’m Carly, Paper Princess Escorts, waiting here for your answer.Image


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